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The course book, GCSE Intermediate Maths, unfortunately contains a substantial number of errors. The following is a list of the mistakes previous classes have identified. If you find any more please report them to me.

Mistakes in course textbook

Pg 69
The definitions given for Kite and Trapezium are incorrect

Pg 151
In part c) of the sample question, the numbers added to make 40 are different 
from those given in the question (which sum to 38).

Pg 178, bottom RHS
The (+/-) button should probably have been x3 (x with a superscript 3)

Pg 205, Q8
If pi is taken as 3.14 the answer in the book is incorrect.
If pi is taken as 3.141592654 by using calculator the answer given is correct.

Pg 259, bottom of page
4ab + 6bc = b(4a+6c)
in the next lines the c changes to a b in the book!
Next two lines should read:
          = b times 2(2a+3c)
          = 2b(2a+3c)

Pg 260, Sample question 2, part b), should be 5xy2 z - 10x^2yz2
to match with the given answer.

Pg 330, Sample question 2, part d)
Questions says "continued filling" and "how many more minutes" and the solution 
fails to take account of this (a typical student mistake).
Answer should be 13 minutes.

Pg 331, Sample question 3, a) part i).
Vertical label on diagram says -38 deg C but should be 39 deg C to match with text.

Mistakes in the answers
(Reference is made to the question that has an incorrect answer 
given in the back of the book)

Chapter 2, Exam Questions B, pg 28, Q3 b) 5.25

Chapter 3, Exercise 3.3, pg 38, Q5 d) 4/9

Chapter 3, Exam Questions, pg 45, Q4 a) 1/4, b) table on pg 32 is for a 6 sided 
die so only part of it is correct. c) i) 1/8  ii) 1/4
(The answers to this question would be correct if the die were six sided)

Chapter 4, Exercise 4.2, pg 54, Q1 7a

Chapter 9, Exercise 9.2, Q1 c) 2.3 (to 1dp)

I'm pretty sure there are other errors as I have only looked at a small subsection 
of the questions in the book.

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