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You are required to submit two pieces of coursework; one on Using and applying mathematics, the other on Handling Data. Both are due in at the start of May. We will be preparing for the coursework tasks in class and one Saturday session will be for guidance on the coursework tasks. You will be required to work on the coursework outside of class time. There is no need for you to start this work until we begin it in class.

Module 2 (2004) Coursework tasks

Handling Data

You can choose from the tasks: Guestimate and Read All About It

You will receive the following sheets to help you with this coursework,

Spreadsheet of collated data for Read All About It coursework task: Monday class, Friday class, Tuesday class.

Module 4 (2004) Coursework tasks

Using and Applying Mathematics (Number and Algebra, Shape, Space and Measures)

You can choose from the tasks: Round and Round, Fraction Differences, Equable Shapes, Number Grid and Trays.

You will receive the following sheets to help you with this coursework,

  • Outline for Using and Applying Mathematics coursework: Module 4
    Assessment criteria for Using and Applying Mathematics coursework
    Problem solving flow chart
    Some guidelines for students carrying out mathematical investigations
  • Planning how to tackle problems
    Recording and tabulating results
    Testing the rules
    Finding a rule - Patterns, Formulas

Additional resources

You will be given advice and guidance on how best to complete the coursework tasks. However, if you wish to purchase a book, CGP's GCSE Mathematics: the Coursework Book is a useful guide.

There are numerous websites designed to provide help with GCSE coursework. If you use such sources, you must declare your use of them. You are advised not to use such websites as often their intention is for students to copy whole pieces of coursework. The exam board (who will be marking your work) are aware of such websites and will not tolerate any verbatim reproduction.

You may find these websites useful:

Coursework workshops

One of the additional Saturday workshops will be for support and guidance on the coursework tasks. The dates for the coursework workshop are:

  • Saturday 07/02/04 Deal class coursework workshop at Dover centre
  • Saturday 14/02/04 Deal class coursework workshop at Dover centre
  • Saturday 21/02/04 Margate class coursework workshop at Hartsdown
If you are unable to attend the workshop for your class then it may be possible for you attend the workshop for the other class. You should speak to me if you would like to attend an alternative workshop.

Return of coursework to students

Your course work will be sent ot the exam board for marking. "The work may be returned to candidates, the day after the deadline for enquiries about results." - AQA. For the 2003 examination series, the final date for receipt at AQA of requests for enquiries about results is 20 September 2003.

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